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All Groundworks & Excavation

Terms & Conditions

  1. Service

1.1 -  Having contacted us, we will quote for your job and this price is guaranteed for 30 days.

1.2 -  Wealden Groundworks promise to work diligently, quickly and professionally throughout our time on your premises.

1.3 -  Contracts are NOT given out for most jobs, however if the client should request one, one can be drawn up.

          1.3.1 - If a contract is drawn up, it will bind Wealden Goundworks and the client under Construction Law and Commercial Law.

1.4 - Any deviation from a contract or from the agreed work may change the total value of the work, and so the original quote will then be invalid.


    2.  Website Content

2.1 - Unless otherwise referenced, all images are photographs of jobs and are the intellectual property of Mr Darren Necci, company proprietor. The images may                 be reproduced for personal, NOT commercial, use. If in doubt, please contact Wealden Groundworks and enquire as to the availability of the information you                 desire.

2.2 - All text on this site is the intellectual property of Mr Gareth Shepphard, website designer, and Mr Darren Necci, company proprietor, and may only be                 reproduced for personal use, NOT for commercial or financial gain. If in doubt, please contact Wealden Groundworks and enquire as to the availability of the                 Information you desire.

    3.  Payment

3.1 - Jobs quoted for a total value of under £5000.00 only require payment upon completion.

3.2 - Jobs quoted for a total value of over £5000.00 will require a deposit and incremental payments upon staged completion of work, unless otherwise agreed.

3.3 - Failure to pay will result in legal proceedings.

    4.  Guarantees

            4.1 - All of our work is guaranteed, but for NO fixed term. If work degrades shortly after completion, or is damaged we will do our best to rectify any problems.

4.2 - If it is deemed Wealden Groundworks are at fault for any degradation of the work(s) final state, any rectification processes will be free of charge.

4.3 - If the work is damaged by a third party or by unforeseen circumstances, Wealden Groundworks will rectify the work, but extra costs may be incurred.

    5.  Timelines

5.1 - Wealden Groundworks promise to nearly always respond to job enquiries within 24 hours. However, this may not be possible due to high volumes of                 enquiries or technical delays between sending and receiving the enquiries, in these circumstances Wealden Groundworks are very sorry for not keeping to our                 promise, but will respond as soon as possible.

5.2 - Wealden Groundworks will complete any outstanding works within the timeframe first agreed unless unforeseen circumstances or third party delays cause                 work to be delayed. In which case, we will strive to minimise the impact of such delays and will complete the works as soon as possible.

    6.  Sanctions

              6.1 - Mutual termination of the relationship between Wealden Groundworks and a client will infer no further action or sanctions on either party.


              6.2 - Cliental termination of the relationship will require the value of the completed works to be paid.


              6.3  - Any breach of a contract drawn up, by either party will be in breach of both Construction and Commercial Law  any may be followed by legal action.